The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Snowflake Ganado Trip

In June we had the great pleasure of going back to Ganado and seeing several of our good friends there. We did a planting project for Serfina Hardy's family, and were so glad to see her, Brandon, Richard, Virgena, Amber and Jerrall again. (Oh, yes, can't forget about Josh, and Crystal.) We also stopped in a minute to see the McCabes, and Waunekas.

The Hardys and Clarkes helped us plant some perennial flowers, lilac bush, etc. to brighten up their home. Earlier they planted an apple tree for her, and since we came have put a fence up around it, to ward off those free-roaming cows.

Sat. we were able to attend the Snowflake Temple with Brother Joseph Yazzie and his daughter Daphne Etcitty.

Pres. Brown, Laura and Chris were also there. It was a happy day for all of us. We are so happy about Brother Yazzie's progress, and know his wife was full of joy that day on the other side.

24th of July in Blanding

Grandma Janet caught a ride back to Blanding with Autumn and Theron, the kids, and Leah (the dog) We left about 4 PM, and got home about 10:00. The kids traveled really well. Where were the DVD players when we were raising our kids and travelling with 8 children, no AC, and crowded conditions??

The next day Grandpa entertained the kids with water bottle rockets, fishing, and tricks. We had a cookout with Rob's family and Autumn's friend Amber and Steve Smith on Friday.

Sat. was the big Hillman Triathlon, which puts a new meaning to "enduring to the end."

Theron had the misfortune of getting a flat tire, so wasn't able to make up lost momentum from the reservoir swim, which he hadn't practiced for.

Autumn did well, but didn't expect so many hills in the run. They both did all 3 events.

Jeppsons cool down after hard competition. Final results not posted yet, but should be on this web site soon:

Oquirrh Mountan Temple Open House

On July 21 I was able to attend the new temple open house with Autumn, Hunter and Peyton. The kids were really good, especially climbing all of the stairs. It is a beautiful building and will be well used. The dedication is next month.

This month's Visiting Teaching message reinforces the importance of temples in our life, and the strength and peace they can bring to us. Last conference there were five talks specifically about the temple and our need to live worthy lives, so we can bring blessings to our ancestors, as well as ourselves. I hope we all take the opportunity to go often.

Nathan and Tammy's new home

After many years of military moves, packing and repacking--Nathan and Tammy finally have their first home, and it is a really nice one in Tooele. Anthony, Theron, Chris, CJ and Michael were able to help them with the move from their rental home.

I stayed for a 3 days and helped pack and unpack the kitchen, other boxes, and clean the other home. Tammy is such a great house keeper, it wasn't bad at all. We are so happy for them.

It is a two story home with a full basement. Five bedrooms upstairs, Laundry room upstairs!, 2 1/2 baths and a garage. It will have plenty of room for family expansion, and storage. Laurie and Brendan are happy with the move and their new bedrooms.

The Gannon Bawl Express

Though he likes to express his displeasure, we still think Gannon is a wonderful new addition to the family. He was born June 29, weighing 7 lb. 13 oz.

 Mattea is being a great big sister to him, and a good helper for mom. Jaxon hasn't tuned in to his role yet, just rolling with the flow. I sure had fun with them. We all enjoyed picking the raspberries and eating them--even the dog did!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The rest of the Wasatch trip

In the process of posting what happened the last two weeks, came to realize that I hadn't even blogged in the Gilbert Trip. I'm having a harder time of tracking our travels, that I did keeping track of kids when I was raising them 30 years ago!

Anyway, here's some more fun and games with the Wilcoxes and Jeppsons.

Peyton's Birthday Party July 17

Blowing Bubbles with the cousins!

Using fabric crayons to make back pack

Mmmmm, isn't this corn good

Peyton turns three

Dancing the night away!

Cuttie Patooties

Our wonderful 2005 four year olds:

Visit to Gilbert

Quent and Bev's family:

Here's Brig's new perky photo

Girls ready for Church in their cute dresses

Quincy and Sage attended music camp
 and performed for families

We got to see the stage performance of Wicked
from the "top" seats in the house -- though Grandma
about got kicked out for taking photos inside!

Wasatch Front Visit

Here are some of the things we saw and did with the families up North.

Grandpa Steve playing with Mattea and Jaxon

Mattea & Jaxon back from Church

Gannon's first excursion into Dinosaur land. Sorry you don't get to see him yet!

Cousins on the Turtle

The Ogden Dinosaur park was very impressive, and a definite must see for families with "dinohead" kids who love the big guys. Kind of scary for grandmas, however!

"Where's Peyton?  I can't find her," says Boney the Dino.