The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stranded in the UK--arghrrrr!

Not only did the computer eat Grandma, but her e-mail addresses.  This is Anthony's version of what happened when my account was hacked on May 29:

I'm sure by now you are all worrying about Janet being stuck in the UK. What happened was, Janet was up all night playing Dungeons and Dragons with her new online friends and in order to make it to a 12th level wizard she had to reveal her password to her e-mail account. Well, Janet is now a 12th level wizard and evidently the sacred dragon's oath she took with her friend was not so sacred because he is now running a scam telling all of Janet's true friends that she is stuck in the UK.

Anyway, Janet is safe and sound in Blanding and does not need money unless you are feeling really generous and would like to make a donation on her behalf to the Bluff Fort Historical project. The first part of this e-mail is not true but I always wanted to show my mother her creative writting skills she taught me in high school really did pay off. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Computer who ate Grandma

This came from one of my friends and classmates of 50 years ago.  After working almost daily since January on various computer projects, I sometimes felt I'd been swallowed up by technology.


The computer swallowed grandma.
Yes, honestly its true!
She pressed 'control' and 'enter'
And disappeared from view.

It devoured her completely,
The thought just makes me squirm.
She must have caught a virus
Or been eaten by a worm.

I've searched through the recycle bin
And files of every kind;
I've even used the Internet,
But nothing did I find.

In desperation, I asked Jeeves
My searches to refine.
The reply from him was negative,
Not a thing was found 'online.'

So, if inside your 'In box,'
My Grandma you should see,

Please 'Copy,''Scan' and 'Paste' her
And send her back to me.

We do not stop playing because we grow old;
We grow old because we stop playing.
NEVER Be The First To Get Old!