The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year -- We made it through 2012

Despite all the forcasts of the end of the world related to the Mayan calander, we did in fact end the year in tact!

I was sick with a cough before Christmas time but
steve  avoided the crud until after Christmas, but it finally caught up with him. 
we're feeling somewhat better and hope to be totally well, by the time we leave on our trip this coming Friday.  We actually fly out a week from today at 6 AM to the Yucatan but we thought we would go up a couple of days early incase of bad weather.  We are looking forward to the warm weather in Mexico.
We managed to stay up (watching movies) New Years Eve.  We ate pop corn and at midnight when Steve started up to bed, he decided to throw the kernals out for the birds.  He turned on the porch light and opened the door and there were three deer on our back lawn.  They jumped the fence into the orchard and about that time neighbors started shooting fireworks.  It really spooked the deer and they ran from one end of the orchard to the other.  They eventually jumped the gate, by Stubbs. We  noticed they haven't been back.  I don't know if it's because of the fireworks or because there is slim pickings in our yard.  We have never had deer get into our garden before so hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come.

During the past year I finished scanning almost all of the slides we had taken over the years -- nearly 3000.  Also scanned my dad's slides and I was able to complete the following family histories:
Birth through high school -- When Daddy was a Little Boy for five of the boys. 
             (I had done a book for Autumn and Chris earlier.)
Quentin -  for Feb. 2 birthday
Robert - For Feb. 16 birthday
Andrew-  for April6  birthday.
Anthony - for Law School graduation May
Nathan - for Christmas 2012
Short slice of  my Life:  Experimenting upon the word. Christmas gift for each family.

I have several ideas of books I want to do in 2013, so hopefully I can make it happen.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Week After Christmas

Wilcox Babies First Christmas


It was a special joy to have all three of the Wilcox babies come visit us at Christmas so we could see how much they've grown and changed.  Anthony and Ashley drove down Christmas night.  We had a round of gift opening the next day with Rob and Kathryn's family.

We also opened presents that Quent and Bev had sent up for both us and Rob's family.  They usually send us raw almonds, Almond Roca, and Cashew snacks which is always yummy to share and eat.

For Rob's family it was sports shirts with favorite teams!  Though
we expect Ryan will get more enthused as he gets older.

           Isabella:    Hmmmm, do you think Ryan would share that yummy looking thing?
                                          I think I want a taste.

Sam was so excited to get the WII, which he had been wanting for a long time.  That was our gift to Anthony's family, as we had their name this year.

Nathan's family arrived the next day, and we did another round of gift opening and socializing for more days.

Steve holds a cute manger made by Chris's family who came down on Friday and stayed a few days too, going home on Sunday. The cousins had lots of fun together.

 Ethan turned 11 on Dec. 30 so we celebrated again... Grandma about forgot how many candles he needed!

              Of course the best part of Christmas for babies are the boxes and wrapping paper!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Forty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary & Christmas

Steve really spoiled me for our anniversary, and for Christmas.  I didn't know it, but Sapphire is  the gemstone for the 45th anniversary.  Not only did he get a beatiful bright blue sapphire necklace and earrings, but also a 2nd set of more of a purple blue in an antique silver setting.  I love them both.

As if that weren't enough, he also got most of the things from the suggestion list I gave him. I didn't intend for him to get them all.  It was such a nice suprise.
He got a large planter box...which we'll put up this spring on the north side of the house.  It looks very beautiful and sturdy and will match the vynal perfectly.  I also decided to follow my practical instincts and ask for a Biffy.  It is an attachment to the toilet which serves as an instant bidet.  I like it even better than I thought I would.  It keeps me clean, refreshed, uses no paper products, and the water isn't even cold as I had expected.  He also ordered me a jacket of many colors, which I love.
   My gifts to him weren't nearly as exotic or expensive, as I use my funds to buy for the family.  I got him books, fleece pants, several nice shirts.
   We also took an anniversary trip to Grand Junction.  It turned out really fun.  Stayed in a nice hotel near the movie theater where we saw Lincoln, and both really liked it.  Cafe Rio was adjacent, and most of the shopping we needed to do like Kohls, Sears, Joanns.  We also ate at Red Lobster, and I got a pedicure Sat. morning.  It was an all around great Day.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Letter 2012


Christmas 2012 (The abridged plates of the past year)

Dear Family and Friends,

Greek philosopher Epictetus once said, “He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” Our family has had many occasions to rejoice this past year and recognize the many blessings we’ve received. For this we are truly grateful. As we celebrate this Christmas season we are especially thankful for the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and for His atonement. It is a gift that can bless all those who embrace it.

     The arrival of three new grandchildren this past year was a special blessing. After Rob and Kathryn’s sad loss of Travis last year, they continued their efforts to adopt. This spring a lady from Idaho contacted them about adopting her baby. They went to Idaho on Jun. 7th and were there for the delivery. Serious complications arose, and the baby was life-flighted to McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah. The doctors figured the baby would be in the hospital for three weeks. Family prayers were answered and the baby was released after three days. He is healthy and strong and doing fine. They named him Ryan Lemuel, after Kathryn’s father. The adoption was finalized Dec. 11th and Ryan was sealed to them on the 15th in the Monticello Temple. His older brother Ethan is ecstatic (as are his parents and grandparents)!

Nathan and Tammy had a baby girl, Isabella Felice, on May 9th.  Laurie and Brendan were especially happy to welcome a new baby sister and have been really good helpers.  

Chris and Pam still live in Provo and have seven children. He works for BYU keeping their heating and air conditioning running. He was released as Scout Master this past summer after serving many years in that position. Pam is a counselor in the Primary. Their oldest child C.J. will graduate from high school this spring. He also turns 18 in Jun. so he would be ready to serve a mission and is attending the Mission Prep class.

Quentin and Bev are in Gilbert, Az. Quentin works at Avnet as an accountant. Bev was recently called as primary president in their ward. Anthony and Ashley now live in Mountain Home, Ut. Anthony graduated from Law school this spring, passed the Utah State Bar and was hired as a prosecuting attorney for Duchesne County. He and Ashley had a baby girl, Lawsyn Margaret, who was born on June 25th

Autumn and Theron are in West Valley where he serves as bishop of their ward. He works for the State of Utah Dept. of Health and still rides his bike to work each day. Autumn is chairman of the cub scout committee and helps to plan lots of the ward activities.  She is a great neighbor, and is always looking for people to help. She competed in a couple of marathons and several other races this past year and has run over 1000 miles this year. They have three children. Andrew and Amy live in Kaysville. He is an investigator for the Utah Workman’s Compensation in Sandy, Utah which takes him all over state investigating accidents. Amy is a nurse and teaches CNA classes. They have three children.

The main traveling we did this year was to visit our kids and attend family reunions. there.  For Janet’s 70th birthday Bev and Amy initiated a 70 plus page collection of letters from family, friends & former students.  It was a very tender and special gift.

At the CEU/USU graduation we were given a Student Service Award, for our help over the past dozen years with college kids. Janet organized a two-day 4-H quilt camp in June with about 25 kids attending.  In June we went to Payson Lakes campground for a reunion with Steve’s siblings. The last part of June the Steve Wilcox clan (32 of us) met at Mountain River Ranch near Ririe, Idaho for a family reunion..In addition to learning more about Ririe, via a treasure hunt, we took a tour of the Keeler farm, which was only 15 miles from where we camped. Janet was able to show her children and grandchildren where she grew up.  She also created a couple of family jeopardy games for the reunion.

    Starting in April we began a big outdoor improvement project which included cleaning out weeds, putting in a meandering walkway at the top of the garden, as well as new flower beds and a fire pit. Then in August we had a deck built providing much needed shade for our patio, plus a fun place to sit in the evening, or have a sleep over for grandkids.

Even though our garden has half the size as usual we still had tons of tomatoes and other produce to share. We initiated a big 4th ward reunion in Blanding Sept. 22, as our ward had been dissolved a year ago, and divided into three others.  Janet created a 80 min video featuring ward events of the past 38 years.  It was a big undertaking as she used nearly 800 photos set to music, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.  We keep busy teaching Addiction Recovery class every Tues night.  Steve works in the Monticello Temple Tuesdays in the morning, and we also shepherd the Young Singles in our Ward and hosted many dinners and parties for them during the past year.  We also go visiting teaching and home teaching…so we manage to stay out of trouble.  We love Blanding, the slower pace of life, little traffic, the good people we constantly rub shoulders with and the good clean air we enjoy when walking.  Janet walks every week day and has gone over 750 miles so far this year.  Our family blog is


Our best Christmas present was getting this little guy (in white) officially adopted and sealed as part of our family on Dec. 15, 2012. 

           May you continue forward, holding to the “iron rod”, with faith in Christ as your guide.

"Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born,
if he is not born in thee, thy soul is still forlorn."
(Angelus Silesius)




Monday, December 17, 2012

Ryan Lemuel Sealed to Rob and Kathryn's Family


Not only was Ryan a blessing, but we had a great snow storm the week of his adoption and sealing.
This shows the wonderful storm with which we were blessed.

A happy day on Dec. 15 (which was also Lem and Lila's wedding anniversary) when Ryan Lemuel was sealed to his family.  He was so bright-eyed and attentive in the temple, and never fussed at all.  I've never seen a child who notices things so well at this age.  We think he is exceptional in so many ways.  It was wonderful having Ethan at there in the temple with us.  What a great way to begin the holiday season.  We are so grateful to God for this blessing of knowing families can be together forever.
It should make all of us try harder to be kind and generous and patient with those we love most.

Brett with the anniversary bouquet he brought for Lila.
While we were in the temple the kids did crafts and played in the gym at the chapel next door.  Amy was the designated chaperone with Brendan and Laurie running shotgun on the activities along with Kathryn's nieces.  Kevin and his famly weren't able to come, and Chris's family only got to Soldier Summit, before having to turn around and return to Provo.  The engine kept overheating. Even though we missed having them there we can't help but appreciate the fact that our family has had 42 years of safe travel, to and from Blanding, with very few car problems for which we are very thankful. (Speeding tickets excepted!)

Afterward we went over to the chapel where Ryan was given a name and blessing by his dad. It was a special blessing and touched everyone's heart.  Here are those who attended.

Kathryn's family included her mom and brother Brett and his daughters,
 and two sets of aunts and uncles

Rob's siblings, parents, and nieces and nephews
We all enjoyed a delicious family dinner: Soup bowls with 3 kinds of soup, salads, rolls, brownies.

   Ashley pulled together a great Christmas nativity story with a full quota of costumed actors, including Samuel on the wall!  Shazaam!

The donkey and Mary

Lawsyn was the baby in the manger

Afterwards each family shared their Christmas talents.  Grandpa and Mattea lead out singing "Oh, Tannenbaum" in German.  She did an excellent job in perfect German according to Grandpa..
 Next the younger kids joined in for an energetic Feliz Navivdad.
Everyone who had lost teeth during the year sang, "All I Want for Christmas, is my two Front Teeth."

Laurie played a Christmas medley on the flute.  She is getting really good, and practices diligently! Hope the rest of the Grandkids learn some musical skills along the way! Rob sang a special song that had given Kathryn and him hope after they lost Travis last year.  Anthony brought us to tears also as he read the Christmas tribute he wrote two years ago about our quirky family.  Remembering Aaron is always a tender spot for us this time of the year.  After the program we adjourned back to the gym for gifts and the great pinata break. 


The Grand Finale --
the Traditional Pinata Break:

It was one of the best holiday celebrations we've had--mainly because of Ryan coming into our family and being sealed.  We are so thankful so many of our family was able to be there to support Rob and Kathryn and share in their joy.