The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Church Callings and Service

We were called in April 2009 to begin an LDS Addiction Recovery Program in Blanding, and we have faithfully done that every week since beginning in June of 2009.  The only time we missed was last winter when a snow storm stopped travel into the church.
    We designed the flyers, wrote press releases, and letters to bishops to introduce the class, as well as posting flyers all over town, and providing smaller flyers for Bishops to use.  We follow the 12 step program the Church designed which puts Jesus Christ center front in the recovery program.  Steve has faithfully prepared a short inspiring message each week, and also runs the meeting.  We have a wonderful facilitator, Ben Haws, who is a tremendous help to us in the meetings.
   We had about 5 or 6 come the first meeting, and once in a while only had 1 or two attend, but no matter the size, it has always been worth it.  Most recently, winter 2010-2011, we've had larger groups come.  Twice we've had a social: a cookout last summer where they invited a friend to come, and once right after Christmas, but usually we just follow the program.
One change we did make after going through the program the first time, was to have a short discussion of the step, so that everyone understood the terminology, and concept.   That change has seemed to help a lot of people.  That was a suggestion Rob made, which came from one of his drug court charges.
   We've learned to have a lot of empathy for those struggling through their addictions, and have also discovered some things we need to work on ourselves.  We pray each week, that we can say the right things that will help someone at the meeting.

Fellowshipping Fun and Service

We've tried hard since we've been home from our mission to be good neighbors, to fellowship non-members or inactive people, and visit new move-ins to ward, and also kids in the dorm.  This could actually be a full time job!  I'm sure we do at least 2-3 visits each week, which if often taking soup, or a meal to someone.  Sister Beeson is one of our regular visits, but we also check on the Lobatos often.

Mary's baptism done by Bishop Carroll
It has been quite thrilling to see Lee's niece, Mary, accept the gospel and invite us to be part of that process.  We planned a neighborhood cookout with them last summer, and she was a super help in contacting people, bringing food, and helping cleanup.  She is a pearl in disguise.  We were so thrilled to see the gospel come into her life and to be part of her baptism.  It continues to be a blessing to see the changes wrought by the light of Christ.

Since there's not much to do in Blanding sometimes, we often invite neighbors and friends over to play games, or for soup suppers.  We really miss the Baptist minister, Don Camp, and his wife, Rene who were such good neighbors.  We became good friends with them over the past year.  Some of the other special memory events we orchestrated this past year included the following:
Virginia's visit to Blanding summer 2010 and the old gang!
Steve helped me fix a crepe brunch and we had a wonderful visit.
Tates came over the night before along with Stephanie, so two good visits resulted.
A good-bye cookout for Elaine and Chris Johnson, prior to their move to Cedar City.
Former friend Melissa Tatro and her two grandsons.  Steve and Pam Bronson
helped us pull together friends from the past for a cookout while she was here.
Whenever any of the family comes down, naturally we pull together a cookout, or dinner along with Rob's family and have a party.  There's always some occasion to celebrate if you look for it, and that is one of the things I love to do, and Steve is always a super help in orchestrating all the things that need to be done.  He's also turned into a great b-b-que chef!
You'll know we've really gotten old, once we stop having parties!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Arizona Thanksgiving Trip

We're home from Arizona!  We made back about 4 PM Monday.  We stopped for a couple of hours in Flagstaff, at Kohls and then at Savers..I could have used another hour, but Steve was so ready to get home!  Ran into a little snow, but most just cold.  Now that we're back at 6000 ft. where it is 25 degrees, so Mesa doesn't seem so cold!!
  We had a wonderful time while we were in Phoenix.  

We got pies and cookies made Wed. after we arrived...though our landing place was moved from Anthony's, to Ashley's relatives, as they had to help teen-sit the youngest Reidhead boy.  We stayed in their "guest cottage" which was pretty fancy.  After we got all the food pulled together, we went over to Quent and Bev's for Thanksgiving dinner.  We had tons of yummy food, and no one forgot and left the yams in the microwave!

Had 3 kinds of pie.  Afterwards we celebrated Quincy's birthday, complete with pinata and treats.  Then we showed the DVD of our Mediterranean trip...some watched, others slept.  

Yum, that was a great meal, which also triggered the big reveal!
It's all Marci's fault that she happened to mention "maternity pants" during dinner!
Anyway, in the process we learned that Quent and Bev are expecting a baby in May.
Found out in Dec. that Brig will have a little brother.  We're so happy for them!

Dancing off those holiday calories...while the adults watch.  What's wrong with this picture?
Breaking the Pinata was the next big activity, as we celebrated Quincy's birthday which was on the 22nd.

 That evening, Ashley and I started on our marathon pre-black Friday outing waiting in line for nearly 3 hours at Toys "Or" Us. Then going to Kohls and waiting some more.  The adventure started at 8 PM Thursday, and ended at 6 AM Friday.  The details are too horrendous to describe, but we kept calling Amy, and giving her an update, so she can fill you in. I think she was the only other Wilcox crazy enough to be out and about.  It was really cold waiting in line...but I didn't get sick, so I guess it wasn't REALLY cold.     

Janet and her friend Sharon remembering
"The Way we Were" 50 years ago.   Elephant Rock in back
We slept for a few short hours once we got back..., then when the guys left to go golfing, Ashley and I and Sam and Logan left for a desert adventure, about 40 miles away in Queen Valley.  One of my Ririe High classmates lives there in a house they built themselves.  It was fun to visit with the Knutsons, and hike past Elephant Rock, and see the petroglyphs on their property.  

  I really appreciate Ashley driving me out, as I don't think I'd have gone on my own.  Afterwards we reconvened at Quent's, where we learned about the golfing altercation...(again, too many details to include but be sure to ask the guys.)

 We went to the Library park and enjoyed some sunshine and lots of ducks!  Brig is quite the imitator of animal sounds.
    We stayed with Quent and Bev Fri. and Sat. night, and got few rounds of games in with the girls.  Brig and Ava have really changed a lot since we saw them in June.  They are very entertaining!  The guys went to the Reidheads for the BYU game fiasco, and we came later for a third or 4th round of leftovers...which were still delicious.  

We went to Church with Anthony and Ash, as she was talking that day...also stayed that night.  Saw the temple ground lights, and played games that night.   Then Ashley and I stayed up to watch "My Life in Ruins" a post script to our Mediterranean trip, but Ashley quickly faded into slumber.  In the other room Anthony was studying for his first finals test today.  I hope he did OK, as he really had an interrupted schedule with all the comings and goings of the week.  (As of Jan 1. he had 1 "A" and one "B+" with 3 more grades yet to come in.)

 We also found out when we got home today, that one of the families we worked a lot with on our mission, lost their father (husband) last Wed in an accident.  He was driving home from Denver( where he worked) to be with his family in Ganado .  He was one of the best Navajo Dads we knew, and loved his wife and family so much, but had to leave the reservation to find decent work.  

    This is when an understanding of the Plan of Salvation is such a blessing to families, for it gives then hope, and faith and knowledge of how they can be together in the Eternities.  But there is still the sadness to work through in this life.   I don't know if you've ever been around Navajos or not.  But when someone dies, they have 4 days of gatherings, where family and friends come and share memories, share love, food, and give counsel, and also plan out who can help with expenses.  It is very therapeutic.  Then four days after the funeral, they meet one more time, to say their last good-byes, and typically according to tradition, they don't mention that person's name again.   However, those in the Church, have a better understanding of what happens after death and aren't so superstitious. They know they can be reunited, so they aren't afraid to speak of their loved ones who have passed on.

We're so thankful for all of you, our children and spouses, and grandchildren, and grandchildren to come.  We feel truly blessed to know you are raising your children with family prayer, blessings on their food, church attendance, and home evening and scriptures as a part of their lives.  Following that counsel of the prophets will help counteract lots of slings and arrows that come their way. We also appreciate the service you all give.  We especially appreciate Autumn who helped retrieve Kayla and get her back to SLC.  Thank you so much. That was really an extra-mile effort.  I know you'll be blessed.   Love, Mom

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stake Conference visit

Had an interesting visit today by Sister Marsha Richards, whose husband is our visiting authority for Stake Conference.  She came with Sister Shan Redd.  She asked quite a bit about the kinds of writing I'd been doing, so I told her about our Family's Proclamation book, The Ganado History, and Hole-in-the-Rock projects. I gave them both a jar of jalepeno jam when they left and a BMS quilting magazine.

While showing her pictures of our family, learned that they also had 6 boys first, then two girls.  She was very encouraging, and drew upon the scriptures a lot as we talked. 
   Tonight at stake conference I thought I might be called on to speak because of the visit, but it didn't happen, whew!  If called on, I would have shared Jerimiah 16:16 and our role working with YSA and AR people in seeing that fulfilled.

 We had 4 different YSA contacts today.  One young man called wanting to start AR classes to get rid of his bad habits.  We talked to him twice, and took some herbal tea over, as he's starting this weekend. 
   Then we delivered flowers to one of our favorite reformed participants, whose grandfather just died.  We also heard from Matt and Mary Compton, who just got married, thanking us for being there for there for them both on the reservation with Mary, and this past summer for Matt.  Their meeting and marriage has been a great joy to us, and we didn't even orchestrate it!  Corey came over as well, and we talked about missions. 
 Sunday Nov. 21, we had 8 young people over for dinner.  Tyler made the fry bread and we had the beans and toppings ready. So we were fed both spiritually and physically today...