The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fourth of July Family Letter

 IIt is going to be pretty quiet down here, compared to some of the past July's when we've had others in the family to join us and Rob's family in celebrating. But since we had everyone here two weeks ago, we'll just have to rejoice in that. The one thing I am feeling very badly about however, is that we didn't take our whole family's picture while everyone was there. I can't believe I didn't think of it...and having one with all 22 grandkids would have been wonderful. Promise me that you'll all be at the reunion next year so we can get a good picture of the family and grandkids!  I know Andrew and Amy will have great things up their sleeves for that.

Ethan's creative face protector, in case something goes haywire!
We've enjoyed having Ethan come each Monday again this summer.  He paints a lot with Dad, but I also steal him away to make concoctions, and give him piano lessons.  

There are so many good things going on that you've been involved in. I hope you share such things with each other, but I wanted to pass along some of the good news of the past few weeks and salute you all for being such good parents and citizens and members of the church. There's nothing that makes your dad and I happier than knowing you're doing your very best to be good parents, love your kids and spouse, and to be anxiously engaged in good causes.

--Chris is still being a faithful Scout Master, camping each month, sun or snow with his scouts. I know he's being a good one, despite having a very busy work schedule. Pam is such a great supporter of good things, including her husband. CJ is close to getting his Eagle Scout..just needs a project. Hopefully it wlll be finished in 2010, as I already have the year embroidered for his quilt! The pressure is on!

Kylee was in a musical last week of Repunzell and we got to watch her video last Sunday, There were lots of cute songs in it, and she did so well. Michael, Hailey and Dan took me on a tour of the yard showing me all the changes they are making. Taking out bushes, and putting in new plantings. They've all been busy.

--Nathan successfully completed another course towards his Masters, and should be finished up soon. He and Tammy have orchestrated a major landscaping project this summer, with cement, fences, and yard work. We can't wait to see it. Laurie is taking dance twice a week and Tammy is being a super mommy- teacher again this summer, keeping both kids reading, and learning. They both did exceptionally well this past school year, at the top of their class. And one thing for sure, I know no one can talk as fast and as animatedly as Brendan. It makes my head swim. 
High Fives! Nathan and Tammy are very actively engaged in Relief Society and Elders quorum, and do a lot of friend-shipping and helping in their new ward. We're so happy they've found their niche and are enjoyed it.

--Rob (and Kathryn) just finished up coaching Ethan's team of 8 year olds. I noticed they had put together a photo packet for each of the boys at the game today, which means going the extra mile. He made it lots of fun for the boys, and we could really see the progress they have made since they started. Ethan is becoming quite a ball player. He is also making progress again on the piano..once he starts counting he'll really be amazing. He is also great at figuring things out..when grandma can't operate a hand-held device!

 They've got their new landscaping in, and it is going to be really nice once things get growing again. They are always so good to do service for others and give Ethan good experiences and direction in life..

--Andrew is ready to start canning cherries this week, and called today for final instructions. The main thing is to not get scalded! He always fixes amazing meals when we stay there...grilled red-fleshed trout last time...very good. He and Amy are going a great job of tag-teaming the kids, and somehow surviving...just had a garage sale last weekend, and their garage has room again!

Mattea was in a big (500 student!) dance recital two weeks ago. We haven't see the big event, but assume it was wonderful. Amy keeps her funny sense of humor through each new bump in the road and finds time to enjoy her little kiddos and the funny things they do. (This was our April trip to Thanksgiving Point with Autum's kids.)

--Quent and Bev helped her mom quite a bit, cleaning out her grandparents place while they were here in Blanding. They are turning their girls into extraordinary readers. Bev is working in YW, and Quent has his favorite job back in the new ward--teaching Elder's Quorum. They are enjoying their new home and still figuring out where things need to go.

--Anthony is have a great learning experience this summer working for the county attorney's office Duschne county. He enjoys it and the people he works with. He is racking up brownie points with his mother-in-law by hauling out garbages every week, moving sprinkler pipes and keeping things watered. He just learned this week that he is now ranked #9 out of 210 law students and was asked to work on the Law Review, which will be yet another challenge. All his diligence and hard work last year paid off. His GPA was 3.67 this semester, qualifying him for an $8000 incentive bonus each semester, to return. In the mean time, faithful Ashley keeps their two adorable but strong willed children healthy, dressed and out of trouble...mostly.

--Autumn and Theron are ready to orchestrate their healthy lifestyles, ward 4th of July breakfast again. They started it about 4 years ago, and it keeps growing. There is never a dull moment in the life of this busy bishop, and Autumn is so good to keep things at home at an even keel and happy. Peyton had her first dance classes this summer, and her enthusiasm is a joy to see. Hunter is getting bunk beds and his room ready for brother Hinckley...he is so tender and sweet with him...just wait though until he's ready to play dinosaurs. That will be another story!!

--Steve is keeping really busy, and is determined to have his garden weed free and productive, so every day there are many things to do. His remedy to keep moths out of the fruit trees seems to be working very well. I think we'll have a bumper crop of apples and pears, maybe apricots.

The Osmond's Matriarchal Cabin in Samaria
Steve was so congenial and patient during our trip to the Welsh Festival. I really appreciate him taking me, and participating in everything, even though he'd rather take a nap. He also fixed the front room light last night. I looked over at the table, and it was hanging by two wires, as it had jarred lose from the fan component. He always says he can't do something, and then he goes ahead and figures out how to fix it. He's so good at figuring things out.

Those are some of the things I'm thankful for this 4th of July...What a great family. Have a wonderful weekend and week.

Love, Mom

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Young Single Activities

Usually we're so busy when we host a Young Singles Activity that I don't remember to take pictures.  Since we've been called in 2009 we've tried pretty successfully to distribute a monthly bulletin to 18-30 year olds both here in the 4th ward, to LDS college kids in the CEU dorm, and to those away from home or on missions.  We usually have about 30-40 to contact.

Since Corey Wauneka has lived with us 3 semesters the past two years, it's been a natural to have others his age in our home.  We usually host a Sunday Dinner once a month, as well as a game night.  Anywhere from 8-20 may show up, depending on the activity.  We especially feel this is important for the kids here going to college, as they don't have family near by.  Most of those are Navajo, and we feel a connection with them since our mission.  We've helped many get reactivated, get patriarchal blessings, attend Institute, and at least socialize with others who are LDS.   We celebrated his birthday Feb. 22.

 We've also mailed out packages for those on missions and in the Army.  Most recently I've set up two Facebook groups, one for those here in town, and one for out-of-town youth we've known over the 7+ years we've either worked as YSA ward advisors, or hosting home evenings.

In April 2009 we took Kim Black, Kayla Haley, and Corey Wauneka with us to April Conference.  This was a first for all three of them.

Matt, ready to launch his Root Beer Express

Last summer, Mary Baker, one of the BYU girls working in Ganado the summer 2008, contacted me via Facebook, and asked us to invite her boyfriend Matt Compton over, as he was very discouraged and lonely. He was working in Monticello for Canyonlands Youth Corps with teenagers all week, and was sleeping in his car on the weekends.  We called him immediately, and invited him to come over on the weekend.  He came to the YSA branch several times, as well as joined us for dinners, cookouts, and the famous Water Rocket Launch.  He was such a great young man, and we were glad we could step in and help in some way.

When Matt left in August, he sent us this note: “For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat.  I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink.  I was a stranger, and ye took me in…Verily I say unto you.  Inasmuch as ye have done it to the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”  Matt. 25:35,40

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks to you guys,.  You are truly wonderful people!  You are literal answers to my prayers in many ways.  May the Good Lord bless and keep you both for the kindess you have shown to me, a stranger.
This summer was very tough, but your hospitality helped me see the light again.  I’m forever grateful for you.  I know God will bless you, for you served me and Him. 
                           Your friend, Matt Compton.

Matt and Mary were married October 2010.