The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy Blanding Weekend

It was another deja vu experience this weekend, as we were asked to speak at White Mesa, a little Ute branch 10 miles south of Blanding. Our family was called to serve out there about 20 years ago, and many of the families we knew then, were at church there today: Betty Lehi, Loretta Posey, Thelma, Sharon, and Yolanda Badback and grandchildren, Wanda Ketchum. It was good to see them again. President Bowring, Buddy Redd, and Clark Hawkins and wives are currently serving there.

Gene and Claudia Orr, and Jeannie and Sunny Kiro were also there today and have been serving also in the branch.

After Church, Brother Stubbs and Bro. Keylon and Steve fixed a yummy Mothers Day dinner for us.
This afternoon we visited with Robb, Kathryn, and Ethan, Larry Dennison, and then drove out to Mustang, and finally found where Eugene and Ingrid Meyer live. We had a great visit with them too.

It was wonderful to hear from all our kids this weekend. Autumn and Corey even left song messages on the phone! We're happy to announce that Theron and Autumn are expecting-----their downloads to come in much faster, as they now have DSL!! Autumn reports their young women raised $1300 at their girls camp yard sale Sat. Anthony reports that Sam and Logan have turned into they somehow determined they needed to take their clothes off to slide out the cat door ..while mom and dad were painting the outside of their home Sat.

My friend Ingrid helping at Farm Days
We're planning a trip up north next weekend, to see the Wasatch front families. Tomorrow Dad's going to book club, but I'm helping at Farm Days at the quilting booth. Mon. night we're doing Home evening at our home.

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madfam said...

hi there...thanks for visiting my page..i look at yours are an amazing quilter!! it sounds like you are enjoying your mission..what fun...thanks again and oh how you did it with all those boys??!! oh my hanna anyone that has more than 3 is my i wish i could just call you to get advise!!!