The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hawaii here we come

Bon Voyage Sept. 27: We're off on a great adventure to Hawaii. Theron delivered us to the SLC airport, and we flew out on Delta at 8:30 for LA. The Princess Cruise line had reps there to pick us up almost immediately, and we had very little down time at the airport. However, we couldn’t board the ship until 12:30, so they took all the cruisers to the Sheraton Hotel where we filled out our boarding papers, and had some refreshments.
Sunday when we left, the San Pedro Harbor the rocking of the boat wasn’t bad as the water was still. We met most of the other nine couples going with Brent Judd, and enjoyed a good musical welcome at the ship's evening program.

Day Two took a decided turn to dampen my ardor, as I suffered surprisingly from vertigo, and my usually steady feet make me look like a drunken sailor—or maybe a tilting tailor. I was pretty content to stay in bed, sleeping and reading most of Monday, though I did put in an appearance briefly on the promenade deck, and at lunch and dinner. By evening Steve was coming down with a sore throat, so he didn’t go to the “Words and Music” musical tribute to composers: Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstein, and others.

As usual, the cruise ship meals are great motivation for getting up in the morning, but I am trying hard to avoid things that are disgustingly delicious, carbo-laden, having no redeeming value to a recovering sugar addict. We eat at the fancy dining room in the evening with others from our group, but get to pick and choose for the other two meals. Steve & I have been walking each morning so we don't get too carried away with our luxurious life style!

I’m missing my soft comfy bed, and have to do extra stretches to get moving each morning, as this bed is none too comfortable, though Steve says he likes it.

The Golden Princess is making her first trip to Hawaii this season, and is filled to capacity. They were the #1 cruise ship last year, and one of the biggest with 2600 passengers. With the staff of over 1100, it probably has as many people as the berg of Blanding aboard! There are many people from England aboard, and the staff comes from Australia, Philippines, Hawaii, and many other countries, so there are accents galore, which makes it fun as we become acquainted.

As of yet we haven't found anyone who likes to play cards, though often the wife would join us if the stogy husbands would. Maybe today! I did play in a ping-pong tournament, and didn't fall down, which is often quite a feat when you're back-handing a flying missile. It was fun!

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