The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A New Kind of Blog

So what do you do, when you can't leave your snow cave.  Well, you do what any intelligent bear would do, hunker down for the duration, snack on any loose berries and bugs you unearth, and then sleep.  Did I say sleep?!   Actually, everything was true, except for sleeping and the bugs--though I did scarf up a lot of popcorn and cookies!
 Ever since January 4, I've been working non stop on a blog site featuring the Hole-in-the-Rock pioneers.
I was called to be the history specialist for our Stake Youth Trek in June 2-4.  It is interesting how the Lord taps you on the shoulder giving you something to do, that you are prepared to reject, and then once you say, "Yes, I'll do it."  Everything just falls into place. 

When we went to meet with the Stake President, I told Steve, whatever they asked us to do, he would have to do it, because I already felt too busy with my other callings.  We are Young Single Adult Reps for our ward and the college, and doing a monthly bulletin, getting it delivered, and then fellowshipping the dorm kids, is pretty much a weekly job.  Add to that visiting teaching, and doing other fellowshipping in the ward and helping with Addiction Recovery Classes, we both keep busy.  

   But when Pres. Redd explained the need, I couldn't refuse.  I love San Juan County History and feel passionately that our youth needs to learn from the past, and honor the legacy of these early pioneers, so of course I said "Yes".  Rather than just prepare a sheet of paper with pioneer information on it, I wanted to create a site where future trekers could also glean information.  There is also a great need to find additional information about these people, and I am praying that the leaders and youth will help discover these untold stories. 
  I've had a lot of fun being detective the past 3 weeks and have been able to find significant information on several families, primarily because family genealogists are putting their ancestral stories on the Web.  I've found some amazing stories and photos.  We even have family connections with the Hole-in-the-Rock. Lynn's wife, Roseanne Reeves Keeler is related to the Lymans.  Her dad is a direct descendant of Platte DeAlton Lyman.  Then Rob married Kathryn Redd who is a descendant of Lemuel Haridson Redd, one of the scouts for the trek.

One of my best detective episodes concerned Samuel Cox, his wife and little daughter.  Basically all we knew was that he was a fiddle player for the pioneers.  First, I was able to find birth and death dates and full names for them on Family Search. Then believe it or not, I put the daughter's name into a google search, and it found this wonderful family genealogy site, that had the Cox family story, plus a photo of the Sarah as an adult!  I am so thankful for all the family historians out there who are using technology to share their records, histories, and photos.  The Kumen Jones family from Blanding is another one who has taken their records to the Web, and have much useful information for others to use.  The great thing about Kumen is that he wrote so many wonderful things about other people!  Maybe some of your ancestors will be listed there!

Over 100 of the 250 pioneers who came through Hole-in-the-Rock were children.  So I am also creating a companion site just for them called Children of the Rock. I'm even thinking of doing one with poetry about the Hole in the Rock, called Hard Rock that pushing it too far!?  Well, it's too late now, it's already done.

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