The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Conference in SLC

We had the great pleasure of taking three of the Young Singles we mentor, to April Conference, and go to the Sunday Session.  For Corey, Kayla and Kim it was a first time experience.
On Friday afternoon we took of tour of temple square taking lots of photos.  Here we are in the Tabernacle.  We had two sister missionaries talk to us and also take us into the Visitors Center.   Corey developed an immediate crush on the sister from Korea!
It was a wonderful experience being able to share these special places with these young people.  After we finished exploring, we drove out to Tooele and stayed with Nathan and Tammy.  Kim and Kayla stayed with the Blacks in Grantsville.  Nathan got in that night from Wash. DC and we had a good visit and also played games with the kids a bit.

Brendan and Laurie are always fun to be around and had lots to tell us.  Tammy fixed us several delicious meals.  We are so happy they are finally in such a lovely home of their own.
   On Sat. we listened to conference, and then got groceries to take into Autumn's so we'd have food to feed the kids Sunday, before Steve started home with them. Also got to see Hinckley for the first time.  Hunter and Peyton are being doting little "big" sister and brother.  Andrew and Amy and their kiddos met us there, with their vegetable basket and the strawberries I had ordered.   (I made jam a couple of times while at Autumn's).

Sunday morning Kim and Kayla met us back in Toeele and we flew into conference.  We were in our seats by 9:30.  The girls were blessed to find us 5 seats together.  It was a great thrill hearing the choir, and wonderful speakers. 

We drove out to Autumn's, ate, and then Steve and the kids headed back to Blanding.  Corey stayed awake the whole time to keep Steve company.  Good for him!
It was a wonderful Conference weekend!

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