The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Trip to Idaho May 2010

   The last two weeks have been a whirlwind...ending with that crazy UK espisode yesterday...I feel I've been in a race, only to fall off a cliff at the end  ...and now am trying to get enough energy to crawl back out and get organized again.  I'm hoping I can just change my gmail account, but can't seem to find a phone # for tech help on Google.  Do any of you have a suggestion on a # with a real person? (My e-mail address was hacked into and I'm having to recreate over 500 addresses in a new account.)

We had a wonderful trip to Idaho, starting up on May 19.  We stopped long enough in Provo to visit and set up a little treasure hunt for Danny's birthday.  We made it to Doug's place about 6:30 that night, and had a good visit with them.  Doug has really made progress, and is so much better than last summer.  I'm so thankful for that.

The next morning we went to see Jessica and new baby Audrey, and Matthew.  They have really been busy fixing up their home.  Jessica has turned into quite a gardner  We also checked out Dixie's Diner where the class reunion would be held, and found where JR Hayes lived, as we would be staying with him Sat.

Nancy, Bruce and Steve by Rexburg temple
  That afternoon we drove up to Teton Valley, and stayed with Nancy and Bruce 2 nights.  Friday morning all four of us went did a temple session in the Rexburg temple, which was wonderful.  Lots of wheat motifs in the decorations and a wonderful spirit there.  Grandma and Grandpa Keeler would have loved that.

 Nancy even found one of my lost classmates. Farrell Bush was a veil worker there...what a surprise.  Friday was Lexie's birthday, and Ryan coming home was the birthday surprise, as she didn't know he was in Idaho.  It was  lot of fun.  Had pizza and enjoyed their new home.  It was rainy and overcast most of the two days, so we didn't get any walking in.

   Sat. morning we kidnapped David Keeler in Rexburg, for lunch prior to his track meet.  He looked good and seemed to be doing well at school.  We then stopped by the Annis graveyard to put flowers on the Keeler graves, then swung by Barbara's for a quick visit, as I knew I wouldn't have time to visit with everyone at the reunion.

 We had about 40 people come to our 50th reunion, and we all had a great time I think.  We sat by Jim Ritter, so got to visit with him quite a bit.  He and Brian Kremer asked about Doug and other siblings.  Linda Summer's husband died in 08, which I hadn't know. Everyone seemed to appreciate and enjoy the Jeopardy game I put together, and also the DVD of the class.  Some were even a little bit teary eyed...remembering the "good old days.  I had made a copy for everyone, so we sent them home happy.

We stayed at JR's that night, and stayed up even longer talking about how they run their addiction recovery classes in IF.  They have a beautiful home and stay very busy, as they teach 3-4 groups each week!
   We went to Sac. meeting with them Sun. morning and then headed down the road.  We stopped for about an hour to visit Sharon and Daryl in Pocatello.  Their place is really close to the freeway and easy to find.  I hope they'll let their siblings know about the Welsh festival in Malad.  Marilyn has gone to quite a bit of work to get it organized.  I told her our family would bring cookies, so if any of you come, that's your assignment to help with that.

We stopped for a few hours to visit with Andrew and Amy, then stayed at Autumn's overnight, and then headed home in a blizzard between SLC and Provo Mon. morning.  Fortunately, it ended quickly, and the rest of the trip was nice. 

We had expected that Anthony and Ash would be there that afternoon, but they got bogged down in packing and cleaning, and didn't leave until 3:30 AM from Mesa.  They arrived about 10:30 Tues. and we kept pretty busy all week with the kids.  We went to the dinosaur museum, to Shrek 3, Sand Island, Bluff Fort, cookouted with Rob's family, visited with Shumways, planted garden, and moved rocks.

   Then of course the antithesis of two great weeks, happened with the hacking into my e-mail account, and all the drama associated with that.  Good thing Anthony interjected his humor, or I'd still be depressed.  I still haven't recreated my's too overwhelming.  We must have had 20-30 phone calls, plus several who came to the house to make sure I wasn't in the UK.

      This week we go on trek to hole in the Rock, and I have quite a bit of prep to still get organized for that.  Hopefully, I can get my mind back on that and off the address mess

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