The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cheer When Family's Near

We were home from Phoenix about 3 days when we left on an equally wonderful trip north to see our kids in the Wasatch Front. Here are some of the pictures from that trip. 
Michael with his "stuffed" house!
High demand on Gingerbread real estate
Like Father, like son.
Autumn pre-made all the shapes for gingerbread houses, plus gave everyone cutters and a recipe which can be used for future house projects.  Everyone brought lots of decorations, and the kids jumped right in and created some wondrous creations.

Some more smiley grandkids with their final projects. Brendan and Laurie finished theirs in record time.

Peyton loved all phases of this project!
Haily with her "neat" little house

While the Gingerbread houses were hardening, we ate at the famous Wilcox Pasta Bar.

Next on the docket was some great family entertainment:  Laurie and Brendan provided
a cheery duet welcoming in the Season.

Rob shows that he can even play and sing sideways--one of our favorites from The Forgotten Carols by Michael McClean.  Rob introduced us to this album shortly after he came home from his mission, and it's been a part of Christmas ever since.

Chris and Pam's Christmas Choir

Mattea tells one of the best jokes of the night. (Who's your favorite...?)

Next came the Victory Arch, where parents heralded the success of each child, and we all celebrated their successes.

Ethan Jess Wilcox
Hailey and Peyton

It's so good being me!!
We hope everyone felt this way.
Danny and Hunter ready to be recognized
Every one needs a victory arch once-in-a-while!  

Grandma presented CJ with a quilt for finishing up his Eagle Scout Award (almost), and challenged the other grandsons to set that as a goal in scouting .

He knows if you've been good or

Some how or other, Santa found out where we were and came to check on everyone's list. 
 Travis, however, was not impressed and Ethan's request was temporarily "shot down."

Presents for all "good little boys and girls" and all of our Grandkids are "good".
Musical present exchange
But the Best Presents of 2010 were Travis, Emily, and Hinckley

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