The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mesa House cleaning, and visiting trip

Surprise Party for Anthony and Ashley in Mesa

Anthony's #1 study partner in law school!

  Anthony has really done all in his power to prepare to pass the bar exam, as has his wife. 

Anthony ensconced himself in Parke's SLC condo hideaway, finishing up the last of the law prep classes.   He flew down for the weekend, when we were in Phoenix, so we got to see do some things with them and Quent's family.   We worked for about two days cleaning the house and Steve did all the windows. We made good steady progress each day. 

  We stayed at the Reidheads, where Ashley and the kids were staying, and then went over to their house and helped wash and clean for two days. 

Karen and Steve compare notes
 Anthony's family was really happy to see him.
Friday night when Anthony flew down, we checked back at the house after going out for pizza, and Karen had orchestrated a surprise good-bye party for them.  It turned out really fun, and we got to meet some of their Mesa friends.

 We did sneak in a few quick shopping breaks, but for the most part worked straight through both days.  On the way to school each morning, Sam would read us a chapter from the Book of Mormon.  He's become quite the reader!

Karen kept us well fed, entertained in the evening, and provided us with a comfy bed.  Anthony and Ashley and family stayed in the guest house. The next two nights we stayed at Quent and Bev's.
Time for Wii competitions at the Wilcoxes

  Jens is really getting cute and paying attention to things

Saturday we had a B-b-que lunch at Quentin's with both families, and then that night we went to the Organ Pizza Stop which was pretty fun to listen to and watch. It was really packed.

Pizza at the Organ Stop 


One of the extravagant organ performances we saw

Other Family News

Ashley is planning to head up this way on the 15th with the rest of their belongings.  We hope to celebrate Rob's birthday while they are stop overnight in Blanding.
Nathan and Tammy took us on a Skype tour of their basement completion project.  All the sheet rock is up, which is no small matter considering all the rooms, nooks, closets, and hideaways involved.  It should be finished by the end of the month as well.
Autumn and Theron's ward was expanded last week, with the addition of 60 new families, so Autumn's not sure if she'll see Theron much this month, as they are trying to visit everyone.  Rob made a trip to Mesquite last week, to play golf with John Young, Damon Orr, on a officers' golf tournament.  They took 1st place.  Chris and Pam are as busy as ever, and even though they are dealing with some issues right now, they seem positive about the outcome. 

Andrew is liking his new job for Workman's Comp, even though his BMI isn't where the organization wants it to be, he is exercising hard daily, and has lost about 25 lbs.  He now is an official Private Investigator!  I have been super busy.  I just finished Quentin's birthday book project, and am ready to start a new one.   Saw War Horse last week.  It was wonderful.  The fight scenes may be too intense for younger children, as it shows the fox hole fighting of WWI...but the story is very life affirming. 

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