The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Monday, June 18, 2012

LaVaur & Laura Wilcox Reunion June 15-17

A good turnout of cousins, aunts, and uncles showed up for the bi-annual Wilcox reunion planned by Don and Virginia Cazier.  Initially they only reserved the big camp site for Sat. and Sun, but most of our family were available to camp on Friday, so Andrew changed his camp site to the big one, and we all joined them Friday, along with some of Katherine and Keith's kids and grandkids.  We had a lot of fun that night as well as Saturday.  Rob and Kathryn let us bring Ethan up to the reunion, so that made it even more fun for us. He tented with Autumn the first night, but stayed with us in Payson the 2nd night.

Payson Lakes was a most gorgeous setting for a family reunion.  There are three small lakes, hiking paths, and several big open areas.  We camped here the summer Antonio Navarro came to live with us, in fact, we picked him up from the airport the first day of that Wilcox reunion.

Amy and Autumn take the kiddos for a cruise along the lake.

Chris, Anthony, Autumn, Andrew and their families were all able to come participate, camp, fish, hike and play games. 

Chris and Pam's family

Andrew's in-laws, Denny and Connie Roberts, came camping too, in their Muffin self-contained mini RV. We celebrated Denny's birthday along with CJ and Logan who were also having birthdays that week. The next night we got to have some homemade ice cream which was made in a specialized ball which we rolled and tossed.

Autumn drove up with her kids and they had a lot of fun playing and camping...even enjoying a hammock.

We visited with Paul, Monte, Lynette, Cindy, Brent, and Nick's families from Keith's family.  Nick's oldest son is on a mission in Colorado.

Paul was the family "bread winner" on this reunion and furnished two large bags of delicious breads of all kinds from Kneaders. We even took some home. Their oldest daughter has graduated, and the next one had just had an accident and dislocated her collar bone.

Brent's family

Nick and Debbie's family
Lynette's family
Monte's family

Cindy's family

Liz was the only one of Katherine and Harvey's family to come. It was fun hearing about their daughter's mission in France, and getting reacquainted with their other girls.

Katherine and Harvey stayed in the same motel in Payson that we did -- see what pitiful campers we've turned into!  We've gotten rid of most of our camping equipment, so motel camping is our preferred modus operandi.

 Day 1 we hiked around the west side of the lake.
Water activities were a big part of this reunion.  Grandma and Grandpa Wilcox even went rowing on the lake.  Andrew and Denny both brought boats, and the kids enjoyed riding in the boat as well as fishing. 

 Hailey shows off the fish they caught.  Mattea, Peyton and Hinckley try catching fish by hand.  Michael and Ethan go wading in the lake on their fishing endeavors.

Father's Day remembrance for Steve

I need all the help I can get in remembering all family birthdays.  Thanks, Amy

How in the heck did we get everything in the trunk?  It was tight, but we did it!

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