The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Other Visits and Vistors

Two of our favorite Trick or Treaters!
on Halloween Night.
  This is why I'm getting so husky. I know how to eat real food!

Grandma and Ryan's favorite activity!
Isabella's wonderful protectors and helpers!
Time to snuggle up on the bench after Church.
The last good weekend before the snow came!

Who's the cutest Pumpkin?

Saturday night, Nathan and Tammy and family came over for supper, visiting, and playing games. We had a really fun time playing Spaz-Uno with the kids.  Laurie and Brendan are doing great in school and Isabella is a gret observer!
She wasn't quite sure she knew us, so we've got some work to do the next two months, getting reacquainted.  Autumn pulled off some great gourmet meals while we were there  It's time to rein ourselves in again!  But we loved visiting with everyone!


We had a great time visiting, and enjoying walks on such a nice fall day.  We attended Church with Autmn's family and also saw the work they are doing in their neighborhood, getting ready to bring a freeway down through their neighborhood!
   After Sunday naps we headed down to Provo to stay with Chris and Pam's family and enjoyed another delicious meal and more home made rolls!.  We had a wonderful visit with them too, and got a few games in with the kids before heading to bed.  CJ will turn 18 in June, so has some big decisions coming up.  He's attending Missionary Prep and ran in cross country this fall, and went on several dates!  Michael tried out for the BB team and made the first two cuts.  As soon as he gets his height, we're sure he'll make the team.  Everyone one was happy and well.  We have such great kids and daughters and sons-in laws and wonderful grandchildren.  We feel truly blessed.

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