The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Visiting the Sea of Galilee Oct. 13

We sailed at night to the port of Haifa, then traveled about 2 hrs by bus to the Sea of Galilee. Haifa was the site where Elijah the Hebrew prophet fled to escape the wrath of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. Napoleonic forces captured the city in 1799, then in 1840 Turkey became ruler during the Ottoman reign.
   In the 1930's a massive immigration of Jews seeking refuge from Nazism entered the area, in a city formerly Arabic.  The British developed the port and then petroleum refineries were constructed.  In 1948-49 during the Palestine War, Haifa became the first territory secured, when Israel declared independence.

Refineries and other industries in Haifa
It is the world center of the Bah'i Faith and contains the tomb of their first prophet.  Mt. Carmel is in this city.

 It was a most amazing day, and we saw so many sites connected with Christ's ministry.  I still can hardly believe we were there.  
Note: in the printed version the captions don't attach to the photos, so look until you find one that coincides!
Entering Haifa.
Typically cities are on the hillside, thus freeing the vallies for cultivation,
Cars are taxed at 100% when purchased.
The Sea of Galilee is 700 feet below sea level.

Wading in the sea of Galilee with our British friends
Even with many people visiting, the gardens are beautiful and peaceful.  

Chapel of the sided representing each of them.

 Walking down to the shore.  The grounds around the chapel were beautiful and well kept.

Below are our tour guides, Bruce and Margie Porter.

He was our main presenter aboard the ship, often giving 4 or 5 lectures in a day when we were sailing.

Ethel and KC headed south, Steve headed North.

Almost every restroom we used had a charge.
This one was only 1 shekel
Chapel of the loaves and fishes.
Inside the Chapel of the Loaves and Fishes, located on what is believed to be the site of the Sermon on the Mount

Church of the Primacy, where Peter assumed leadership of the Church
after Christ's death.  This is where we waded in the sea.
 Sometimes the water is clear up to the st
Next we visit Capharnaum where many events in Christ's life  happened.  It was also where Peter lived

Roman engravings in the town

Dark basalt rock was used to build the synagogue 
used when Christ was alive
Newer limestone synagogue was built on the same site
New Catholic Church hovers over the archeological site of Peter's
An olive press for making oil

We have lunch at a Kibbutz and sail on the Sea of Galilee

Next on tap, sailing on the Sea of Galilee
Were were on the sea for at least an hour.  The crew led us in the Star Spangled Banner--a cool thing to sing in Israel and then entertained us, with a son in Hebrew.

Leann Anderson, Mary Ellen Edmunds, Jeanie and Jenny (from Pocatello)
They are smiling now, but little do they know, they'll be dancing next.

It was a wonderful day along the shores of Galilee.  We're so thankful we got to go.

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