The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mediterranean Trip Beginnings Oct. 4-6

Wow, this was a most amazing trip and we learned and saw so much.  We had no idea the Mediterranean Sea was so huge.  Have a much greater appreciation of the Apostle Paul and all his voyages now! 

We traveled with our friends KC Benedict and Ethel Gottfredson leaving on Monday Oct. 4 from Salt Lake.  Met the Oswalds and Monson's on flight.  They are friends of the Caziers (Steve's sister). 
 Flew to direct to NYC, then to Milan, Italy.  It took all night (9 hrs.) then got on busses to visit Milan and one of the world's most beautiful Catholic Cathedrals.  We spent  lot of time wandering around on the roof, all made of granite. 

Duomo di Milano
This Gothic cathedral was begun in 1336 . It holds 40,000 people, the second largest in all the world.  Some have criticized it for its excessive use of multiple types of architecture, which is probably true, as it took 5 centuries to finally complete.

The American writer and journalist Mark Twain visited Milan in the summer of 1867. He dedicated chapter 18 of Innocents Abroad to the Milan Cathedral, including many physical and historical details, and a now uncommon visit to the roof. He describes the Duomo as follows:
What a wonder it is! So grand, so solemn, so vast! And yet so delicate, so airy, so graceful! A very world of solid weight, and yet it seems ...a delusion of frostwork that might vanish with a breath!

Ate our first gelatos.  Ummmm, yum.  Indulged at least 3 times on our trip...all in Italy!!

Roman wall on south side of Verano

Roman colleseum still standing and in good shape 2000 years later!

Left Milan to Verano, city of Romeo and Juliet aclaim.  Had watched Letters from Juliet on the plane, so I was all psyched to find the site.   We found her balcony, and lots of evidence of Roman architecture.

Then we hustled back to the bus to head to Venice, where we'd stay overnight. (Couldn't wait for a good sleep.)  There was lots of evidence of Roman buildings and architecture in every country we went to: Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Croatia...and of course all of Italy!!

Once we got to was all on the water, or by foot over bridges.  Stayed in a sumptious Hilton Hotel.  After two days on the run we were tired and so glad for a soft bed, and hot water!! 

Our Hotel in background.  We
crossed the Grand Canal to get to
St. Marcos piazza.

Riding on one of the large canals in Venice in a Gondola

St. Marcos cathedral (900 yrs old), piazza and the Doges Palace.
Left the next morning for St. Marcos plazza, and tour.  This spiral exterior staircase is one of the beautiful things we saw.  This street had many wells where people would come to get water.

This area is where we ate lunch, and also had a few minutes to shop. The bridges were all beautiful and unique.  This city was the antithesis of where we live, in dry San Juan County, but we surely enjoyed it!

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