The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers day Messages

Just a quick shout out to all the good mom's in our family--which includes all the wives! I don't know how we ended up being so blessed to have such strength and goodness in our family, but we recognize answers to lots of prayers in this regard. We appreciate all that you mothers do to teach and set good examples for the wonderful children you've been blessed with. It is so wonderful, seeing and hearing how well them are grasping the truths of the gospel, so we know good things are happening at home. Have a wonderful Mother's Day. Quent and Bev should be welcoming a new little one any day now. Due date was yesterday.

Also an update on Travis, in case you haven't heard from Rob and Kathryn. There will be another hearing in Colorado on May 31, which they have been asked to come to. The Denver Lawyer sounds like he is being more pro-active in their regard, and will show the lack of ability on the part of the birth father to be a good parent. As of last week, the bio-father hadn't even complied with the request to supply a DNA test. He also has two other children, and it's doubtful he's taking care of them financially.  In the mean time, the court has ordered an investigation of each home. I'm not sure how much of that has happened.. Anyway, please remember them, as well as the judge, and lawyers in your prayers. We love this little boy, and know he belongs in our family.

Love, Mom

Hey mom,  Happy mothers day.  I hope you are having a good bus ride.  We went to the green house yesterday and Lila asked if I was going to get you anything.  I told her I would, but by the time you get home, It would have died.  I will get you something when you get back.  I just want you to know you are the best mother ever.  Your example to me and our family is the greatest.  You and dad are the reason we all turned out the way we did, so pat yourselves on the back.  We love you sooooo much.  Enjoy Branson, Love Rob, Kathyrn, Ethan and Travis...
   Love, Rob

We hope you have a Happy Mother's Day, hopefully you are able to access the booklet we are sending. but just in case we are sending the poems as well.
    Love Chris, Pam, CJ, Michael, Kylee, Daniel, Hailey, Adam, and Emily.

By CJ:
Well it’s not Grandparent’s Day,
Because it’s the month of May;
At a time that they celebrate mothers.
And for the mom of a parent,
Let’s make it apparent,
How much we appreciate You!!!
Happy Mother’s Day!

By Michael:

There once was a Grandma named Janet,
She went on a ride to a planet,
But when she was there
Someone pulled on her hair,
And then she left the planet!


By Kylee

Loving caring
Nice helping joyful happy
Cooks lots of good food yum
Best person in the whole big huge wide world
Funny thoughtful peaceful great cook
Works hard every day
Nice friend
My grandma

Grandma Wilcox
Nice, Neat,
Wow, Loving, Amazing,
Always Beautiful,
Making, Gardening, Teaching,
Daring, Excellent!

Ready all times
Making yummy food
Always beautiful
Loves each grandchild
Of the gospel
By Daniel:

Really Good
A Super Grandma

By Hailey:

Available for card games
Neat quilts
Doing computer work
Makes really good cake
Always plays with her
By Adam

What do Grandma’s Do?

Adam’s Answer
  They eat lots of cookies!   (Yup, that's my downfall; homemade cookies!)
They play with their grandchildren

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