The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Court Decision Leaves us Baffled and Sad

Today was a sad day for our family, as the Denver court decided to award Travis's biological father temporary custody for the next two months.  Rob called at noon, and all of them were crying so much it was hard to understand him.  Even the judge said the best home for Travis would be with the Wilcox's but nothing has proven the bio-father unfit.  We knew he might be taken away, but had hoped if it happened it would be to Wendy, the birth mother.  After a full year of being part of our family it is too sad to think of him leaving us, We are heart broken.  We still hope and pray that a door will be opened in some way that Rob and Kathryn can one day adopt him.  The final hearing will be Nov. 1.

Rob and Kathryn testified in the afternoon, Rob sent us the following:"Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.  The judge still awarded temporary custody to the birth father, and set Nov. 1 for permanent placement.  We are still listed as interested parties in the case, so we are not out of the picture.  We get to have visits every other weekend for 6 hours.  Wendy gets 2 hours, 3 times a week and 4 hours on the weekend.  If Nick messes up in the next two months, the judge can change his mind.  We have to give Travis up Sunday Aug. 28 at noon in Durango.  If anyone wants to see him one more time we will be home Friday evening and Saturday."

      Wendy actually went with Rob and Kathryn to see Travis again, and visit with them. She will be central to any case to prove Nick (the bio-father) unfit, as she will have much more interaction with him and Travis during the next two months. She still feels very strongly that Travis should be with Rob and Kathryn and Ethan, So that is encouraging. We haven't given up hope, but yesterday was a very dark and sad day for all of us.

Anthony and Ashley drove up from Mesa Thursday night to be here when they got back. Amy and Andrew's family came down as well, to support them, which was very much appreciated by both Rob and Kathryn.

We received so much strength from friends in our two communities and our extended family who have continued to remember them in their prayers in.  We haven't given up hope that something will yet turn the tide in our favor.  We pray that Travis will be safe while he is with this other family.  We are really worried about his ability to care for this little one-year-old, and can't believe the court would just turn him over with no apparent concern about his welfare. 

On Saturday The Redds and Wilcoxes got together to go on a hike,and then later celebrated Travis's birthday.  It was a very bitter/sweet day, with this dark cloud hovering of loss over our heads the whole time.

Eating the birthday Cake Ethan made for him

Travis, we love you.  You have blessed our lives so much.

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