The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wilcox Tribe Holds Reunion At Abajo Haven

Thanks to Andrew and Amy and their good planning, we had an awesome time hiking, playing, eating, swimming, laughing, and visiting for a week with our children and grandchildren.   There are 40 of us now, so we can make quite a commotion.  I loved all the yellow T-shirts--everyone looks like a bright ray of light!  Amy and Andrew designed it (with a little help from Bev) and then she had to silk screen every one of those bright shirts!  What an effort.  Thanks so much.

 Quent and Bev's family came the weekend before and stayed with us.  We had a family cookout with their family, and then they headed north to Travis's wedding in Salt Lake, but made an extra effort to make it back for the family reunion.  It was fun being around Jens, and seeing him taking on his own personality.  Brig kept us all entertained as well.

Chasing water rockets and getting wet was lots of fun, especially for Ava, Sage, Quincy and Ethan!  We always enjoy having EveLyn and Richard join us in these joint-family cookouts.  They are great people.

Autumn and Theron's family came Tuesday evening, so we got to go swimming with them,  Dad even went.   The kids really liked the new pool and all the fun bells and whistles.
 Most of the gang game by Thursday evening when we had our first activities at Abajo Haven.  Every family was assigned a meal for the days were were there, and then we did the meals back at the house Sunday.  It is so nice not having to worry about fixing food every meal.  Thanks everyone for being so well prepared with such good food, and to those who pitched in and helped with set up and clean up. 
The kids really liked the new swimming pool and the dual slides!

Abajo Haven was a beautiful small camping area, with comfy cabins.  Electricity is by solor, but there were still hot showers and water. Nathan had a brand new tent they got to enjoy. It looked pretty slick to set up. Autum and Theron also tented, and the rest of us had a cabin, except for Chris's family, who stayed at our house.
Mr. Haven took us on a canyon hike Friday morning which we all enjoyed.  He showed us how prevalent pottery shards are, and encourage people to not take them...In fact, quite a few are placed on a large rock close to one of the pit houses on his property.  He also showed us Boulder House ruin, and the route of the original Blanding ditch, and shared its story.  The men working on the ditch camped just a little ways north of the Haven property.   These photos show part of the ditch route.

The Blues are in the background

Cutest little Rock Climbers Around!

Amy brought lots of fun crafts to do: decorating buckets, making hats, and designing pet rocks.

Some of the other things we did:

Who can I throw this dirty diaper at?

Mmmmm, love dat fry bread!


Even simple things like sand hills are super fun with your cousins around.

Playing in the Sand!  Wayyyyy fun!

The parade in Monticello on Saturday provided time to visit with friends from the past, play with cousins, run for candy and even get a cool down shower.


King Gannon supervises the craziness!

         Can't have a reunion without a Water Fight

Logan loves the mud!

The Cousins had lots of time to play with each other, and get better acquainted.  Travis was often the center of attraction, and got to show off his cute personality.

After the parade it was a yummy cookout at Rob and Kathryn's

 Some of the Summer Birthday celebrants

July Birthday Kiddos

Our Favorite Smurfs

Time to Swim:

Some of us went over to Recapture and played in the water on the west side, and then on Saturday after the baptism, went swimming again in the new Blanding pool. I had a good visit with Will McFarland while at Recapture, and we invited him and his family over Monday while Anthony and Ashley were still here for a cookout and games.

Sat. Cookout by Chris and Pam
Celebrating birthdays again!


We love those grandkids
But how do you keep them all happy at the same time?

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