The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keeler-Wilcox Reunion Officially Begins in Idaho Falls

Stop #1 Idaho Falls

This is where the Wilcox-Keeler parnership officially began in 1967.  Angel Moroni wasn't even on the temple in those days!   It will be 45 years in December since we married and began our journey together.  We have travelled this road from Blanding to Idaho many, many times over those 45 years, making sure our children would know their grandparents, and cousins, aunts and uncles.  We still love Idaho for its green verdant fields, life- giving rivers, and happy memories, but Blanding is equally loved for its unique landscapes and good people. 

Our family met at Civitan park along the banks of the Snake River to have lunch, and to run some wiggles out.  Jessica and her kids also joined us at that time, and participated in the Ririe Treasure hunt.  I was so pleased that everyone made it for lunch on time, as well as for helping so willingly with the meals for the rest of the reunion.  Being on time established the schedule for the rest of the day, making it so we weren't late for anything.

Next we headed to the Ririe Post Office where the treasure hunt began.  Steve and I left first to go hide the clues in Ririe, telling them to wait about a half hour before leaving.  We gave them a map of Ririe, with instructions about getting to the post office.  Everyone showed up at the first stie within 15 min. of each other and as each family arrived they were able to start the treasure hunt. 

Clue #2

Site #20 on Ririe map:    This is the location of the seminary building where Grandma took 4 years of released time classes from Ardell Jeppson.  He was a great teacher and told us we should not marry the first person we dated, but date lots of people.  How many boys do you think Grandma dated before she found Grandpa? (104)     Extra prize for team who guesses closest.
Find your team envelope at each stop along the way and collect your prizes which will be used at the last stop.

 Clue #3
Go to  2nd west and find the LDS Stake Center (#22). 
This is the location of the Church Grandma Janet went to when she was a girl.  The original church burned in 1975, and this is the new one.
Take a picture in front of the church, and find your team envelope with a treasure and the 3rd clue

Instructions for Stop #4

Keep going on 2nd West and drive north up the street until you find this house on the right (east side). This is where we lived in the winter, because we couldn’t get out to the highway from our farm in the winter.  Who do you think is in this picture?
(Janet, Lynn, Doug)

 Take a picture of your family in front of this house where the Keelers used to live.
After we sold this house, Grandma Janet often stayed with the Nielson family who bought it. When there were ball games, or mutual, or I was working on the school paper I would need a place to stay.

 Their daughter Tamara is still a close friend. I'd stay in Ririe because our farm was 17 miles from town and we didn't always have a car I could take.

Everyone got their photo taken and were ready for the next clue:

Instructions for stop #5: Go to the next corner and stop at Anthony’s Home. Corner of 2nd west and Freeman. It is the house on the north East corner. This is where Fay and Betty Anthony, our piano teacher lived.

The Anthony Home 

(Betty Anthony is visiting family or we’d take a picture with her – She is 90 years old now.  This is a picture I took last year.) Anthony received his name from this family.

All of the Keeler kids took piano lessons from Betty Anthony.  I took 9 years of piano and her daughter Barbara Anthony Groom is one of my best friends.  I stayed with the Anthony’s a lot  especially my last two years of high school, in order to participate in school activities and take care of church and school leadership responsibies. Betty was like a 2nd mother to me, and she and her husband, Fay, were good  friends to my parents.  Her father delivered gas up to our farm, and he would always take time to play a round of “Horse” with us with the basketball.

Clue for #6

Now travel to main Street and  to  site #8. 
 Community Center (This was our gym when we were in high school) 

This building was the hub of Ririe. It was the location for exciting basketball games the school played, and the community loved to watch. Like Blanding folks, they were passionate about their sports.

We also held Christmas programs here, as well as  school dances, plays, and other community events. For my Junior Prom we decorated the entire hall which included a false ceiling made from crepe paper, painted a Japanese mural on one end, had and a huge fan In front of the fireplace.  It took us a week to put it up but it was beautiful.  Theme was Syonara.  Can you tell which girl is grandma?
(7th from the right)
Now walk down the block until you find “Sweet Surrender”#17 on the map.
 Last Stop:  #6  Sweet Surrender

This building used to be the Sappington Drug store where we could buy Ice cream floats, sodas, sundaes and other delicious things when I was in high school. Their son Eddy was in my class. Now it is a café and bakery. Use your treasure money to buy a delicious snack.


Thanks for letting Grandma show you around my childhood town.  Now it’s time to go to our cabins.
You can cross the railroad tracks and head south to reconnect with Hwy 26.  You will pass another  new LDS chapel (where we can attend church on Sunday) as well as the new high school –which is also where the new elementary school is housed.  Turn Left at Subway and head to Heise and Mt. River Ranch. 

                                          Life on the Ranch
Except for one military reconnoiterer who turned west instead of east, we all arrived quickly at our home base for the next 3 days. The old style western town was fun for the kids, and the showers and bathrooms were attached to the lodge. Total rental cost was $1182 which seemed fair to us, and within our budget.  

Jax and Hunter playing "on" the sprinklers. Only one of several "bum" shots I took that day!
     Everyone got settled in, explored the "ranch", watched a gun fight, and then had a delicious dinner prepared by Chris and Pam.  The boys were especially entranced by the fishing pond.

All sorts of desperados showed up for the shootout!

Audrey, Jessica, Matthew, and Isaac

Now you know where Theron was when you couldn't find him.

Little Mugwump Logan, entertains the other cousins, who secretly want to jump in too!

Pre-Supper Shoot out about to begin

Hallie, Nancy, Jordan, and Lexie

Emily and Pam

Here comes the gun fighter

Ryan and his girls with Grandpa Bruce and Steve

Chris and Pam's family served a delicious white bean chili for supper with lots of chips and watermelon.  We celebrated Gannon's birthday after supper with a birthday cake and then played Name Bop and The West Wind Blows to help everyone get acquainted. 
We also played a baby picture matching game to help everyone identify relatives, then had a little program, and  played  Keeler Kin Jeopardy.  Everyone was ready to sleep when we wrapped up.

The kids enjoyed singing, clapping, and dancing to Hallie's great fiddle music.

 The link below will take you to Facebook where you can see the Keeler Kin Kids dancing to Hallie's music.

Hallie fiddles for the Keeler Kin 

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