The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reunion Recreation and Relaxing on Saturday

Back row:  McKenzie, Jordan, Nathan, Lexie, Nancy, Bruce, Ryan and Savannah
Front Row: Hallie, Clint, Sophi and Molly.  We know Andrea and her family wanted to be here, and we missed them!
 It was wonderful having two-thirds of Doug and Nancy's children and grandchildren join us at the reunion.  It really meant a lot to me having them there and to participate with us, and to talk and have fun with.  It was time to have the 2nd cousins get acquainted.  Thanks also to Nancy and Lexie for the delicious "Grandma Keeler" supper of tacos and cut out oatmeal cookies that mom used to make. Cutting out all those red, white, and blue stars took a whole day I'm sure.  Yummy! 

L-R:  Audrey, Jessica, Annette, Alissa, Hillary, Kambre, and Tom
Doug and Della's family was well represented at the reunion.  We wish Aaron and his family could have come as well.  Everyone was gone swimming at the reservoir when Doug and Della came, and I didn't think to get a photo of them...but you'll have to imagine a bushy bearded man and his hard working wife in this picture.  It was great having them come.  Della brought up yummy cinnamon rolls and cookies to help with the evening meal.

Nathan and his mother-in-law, Larita Bowen, prepared a delicious gourmet pancake and bacon breakfast for everyone Saturday morning. (Tammy and 7 wk. old  baby Isabella were getting some much needed sleep.)  We had chocolate chips, blue berries, pecans, and lots of delicious fruit and cocoa to choose from. 
Andrew and Anthony's families fixed a great pulled pork lunch for us Saturday, with melon and chips. Yummy!  For most of the meals there were over 30-40 people who ate.  Thanks again to everyone who helped prepare a meal.  It made it so much easier on everyone to only have to worry once, instead of nine times.

Time for Games

 Afterwards we took family photos on the wagon, and then played outdoor games.  Jolly, Jolly Butcher Boy was one of the fun ones the little kids enjoyed, along with Red Rover.

Of course, you can't have a reunion in Idaho without having a potato sack race!

We really appreciate Uncle Bruce for providing brand new potato sacks! as well as firewood for the reunion.  We should have taken individual pictures of all the sack racers!  Where was my cameraman when I needed him?
 Even without any practice all the kids did extremely well.  Getting into the potato sack was the first obstacle!

Little spuds race: Jaxon, Gannon, Logan and Hailey

Jaxon figures out an easy stroll works better than hopping!
Next the kids in school try their skills .
Daniel, Hunter, Mattea, Sam race, while Michael and Hailey watch
Danny, Hailey, Mattea, Sam, and Hunter

Go, Mattea, Peyton, Hailey, Brendan
Boy, these kids can jump.

We finally figured out how Michael
was able to go so fast!

Brendan, Michael, Kylee, and Laurie are the pros; Hunter and Logan cheer them on

Final Event:
 Adults challenge the kids:

Break out time for Girls

Modeling the final product:  Before and After
Second Cousins: Sophi, Laurie, Logan, Mattea, Hailey, Peyton, Kylee and Molly

Even Dads get to model the new hairdos
-- now we can see for sure another family trait!
Ryan, Steve, Anthony, Andrew, Nathan and their daughters' (granddaughters's) flower bands

More games outside with beautiful lawns and shade

Nothing like a good game of tag to shake off boredom.
Next some circle games: Duck, Duck Goose, with a silly uncle to make it fun

Run, Sophi, run!

Logan takes her job as "it" very seriously
There was also some good shady spots for visiting with family
Nancy's grandchildren: Sophi, Clint, Nathan, and Savannah
Nancy, Lexie, Tom, Alissa, Bruce, Autumn, and Hinckley

Alissa, Tom, Chris, Emily, Pam, Kylee, Jaxon, and Hinckley taking down the chair

After lunch most people headed to the Ririe Reservoir for a fun free swim at the lake.  Thanks, Tom, for the good recommendation!  We stayed behind, and had a good visit with Doug and Della and let them play the Keeler jeopardy game.  Then we went for a ride with them through Poplar and up to  the east side of the reservoir. We couldn't find the swimmers, who we found out later had gone to the other side.  They didn't stay for supper as they had been a problem with one of his spud fed cows, but we were glad they made the effort to come out.  However, he told me he had not desire to see the farm.  I think he's always felt badly that Dad sold it, and that he didn't have the opportunity to farm it.
That night we did some group singing, and Laurie accompanied us on the flute.  She is really getting good.  We also played "Outburst" seeing who could get the most right answers from categories reflecting our long ago past.  It was noisy, but still fun.   Round 2 of Jeopardy was next on the docket, and we discovered that the family Idaho lawyer really knew his Idaho facts!  I meant to have us sing, "Here we Have Idaho", but I forgot! 

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