The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion

The Energizer Cowboys who kept things humming at the reunion
These kids know how to have fun!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ryan Lemuel Sealed to Rob and Kathryn's Family


Not only was Ryan a blessing, but we had a great snow storm the week of his adoption and sealing.
This shows the wonderful storm with which we were blessed.

A happy day on Dec. 15 (which was also Lem and Lila's wedding anniversary) when Ryan Lemuel was sealed to his family.  He was so bright-eyed and attentive in the temple, and never fussed at all.  I've never seen a child who notices things so well at this age.  We think he is exceptional in so many ways.  It was wonderful having Ethan at there in the temple with us.  What a great way to begin the holiday season.  We are so grateful to God for this blessing of knowing families can be together forever.
It should make all of us try harder to be kind and generous and patient with those we love most.

Brett with the anniversary bouquet he brought for Lila.
While we were in the temple the kids did crafts and played in the gym at the chapel next door.  Amy was the designated chaperone with Brendan and Laurie running shotgun on the activities along with Kathryn's nieces.  Kevin and his famly weren't able to come, and Chris's family only got to Soldier Summit, before having to turn around and return to Provo.  The engine kept overheating. Even though we missed having them there we can't help but appreciate the fact that our family has had 42 years of safe travel, to and from Blanding, with very few car problems for which we are very thankful. (Speeding tickets excepted!)

Afterward we went over to the chapel where Ryan was given a name and blessing by his dad. It was a special blessing and touched everyone's heart.  Here are those who attended.

Kathryn's family included her mom and brother Brett and his daughters,
 and two sets of aunts and uncles

Rob's siblings, parents, and nieces and nephews
We all enjoyed a delicious family dinner: Soup bowls with 3 kinds of soup, salads, rolls, brownies.

   Ashley pulled together a great Christmas nativity story with a full quota of costumed actors, including Samuel on the wall!  Shazaam!

The donkey and Mary

Lawsyn was the baby in the manger

Afterwards each family shared their Christmas talents.  Grandpa and Mattea lead out singing "Oh, Tannenbaum" in German.  She did an excellent job in perfect German according to Grandpa..
 Next the younger kids joined in for an energetic Feliz Navivdad.
Everyone who had lost teeth during the year sang, "All I Want for Christmas, is my two Front Teeth."

Laurie played a Christmas medley on the flute.  She is getting really good, and practices diligently! Hope the rest of the Grandkids learn some musical skills along the way! Rob sang a special song that had given Kathryn and him hope after they lost Travis last year.  Anthony brought us to tears also as he read the Christmas tribute he wrote two years ago about our quirky family.  Remembering Aaron is always a tender spot for us this time of the year.  After the program we adjourned back to the gym for gifts and the great pinata break. 


The Grand Finale --
the Traditional Pinata Break:

It was one of the best holiday celebrations we've had--mainly because of Ryan coming into our family and being sealed.  We are so thankful so many of our family was able to be there to support Rob and Kathryn and share in their joy.

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